Art, Technology, Materiality

This area focuses on those forms of artistic practice in which materiality, technology or media are central.

The research addresses the artistic development of technological and material processes, technological extensions or material challenges to existing artistic practices.  It might involve live and mediated encounters, re-mediation, audio-visual media, transmedia, hacking, plundering, prosthetics, enabling and/or disabling technologies, or the development of mediated social fora and platforms. Accordingly, interactions between performance and audience, as well as transductions of artistic practices between different platforms and media, are a central concern.

The area explores how artistic practice relates to technological development and change. It considers how professional roles in the arts are established and assessed on the basis of the technology mastered by artists in different fields. Power relations and professional identities such as the formation of gender roles and hierarchies in artistic practices may be problematized from perspectives of technological and material processes. It explores how specific material processes impact on the ways knowledge is created, mediated, performed, and experienced. It foregrounds how artistic practice changes and is changed by the conditions of its technological mediation and materialization. It critically engages with the development of artistic dissemination systems while investigating the consequences of our increasing production and consumption of media and material culture in a world with finite resources.