Information videos for applicants

In these videos Ellen Røed, professor and responsible for the artistic research education, will talk about our university, our doctoral education, about artistic research, and even give you some advice regarding the application process.

These videos complement the information that is available on our website. We strongly encourage you to read all the available information thoroughly before you begin your application.

Part 1:
A general introduction to this university, to our artistic re search education and some information about what being a doctoral student at SKH entails.

Part 2:
Reflection about artistic research and how we develop artistic research in the educations at SKH.

Part 3:
Focus on the research project proposal which should sit at the very center of your application. What is an artistic research project at the doctoral level and what do you need to address as you develop and articulate your project proposal?

Part 4:
The application process and what kind of material and documentation to include in your application.