Call for expositions and proposals

Stockholm University of the Arts is pleased to announce Alliances & Commonalities 2022, our third biennial Artistic Research conference.

Extended deadline: Call for expositions and proposals is extended and open until 21 November. 

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We invite artists and researchers to share ways in which artistic research is reassembling,  responding, reconfiguring, and reconstituting in the aftermath of the past two years. How are artists and researchers situating their practices now? What transforms? What transmits? What matters?

Artistic research projects emerging from all art fields, from singular, multi or trans disciplinary contexts, projects that are at various stages of development and those with experimental approaches to modes and methods of exposition are most welcome to apply.

SKH has four Artistic Research Profile Areas, we invite you to direct your proposal to the area which resonates most with your research at this moment. 

  • Concept and Composition explores the myriad web of influences, inspirations and methods that artists use in their artistic and creative processes. 
  • Bodily and Vocal Practices explores the methods and systems used in the articulation, interpretation and communication of creative ideas and visions through the use of body and voice. 
  • Site, Event, Encounter explores the interplay between art and society, considering the protean nature of participation in contemporary art practices/processes/events and the many and various contexts and conditions in which artists work.
  • Art, Technology, Materiality addresses the technical, material and social conditions and networks occurring in, and engaged through, artistic practice. 

We are anticipating that Alliances & Commonalities 2022 will be a live, online and hybrid experience. Please indicate your presentation preference in your proposal.

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