Alliances & Commonalities 2022

AoC2022 huvudbil_foto_Ellen Røed_1100x620.jpgPhoto: Ellen J Røed

Following the digital success of 2020, we where gathered more than 250 artistic researchers digital from all over the world when the third iteration of the conference Alliance and Commonalities was held at SKH 20-22 October 2022. SKH is very proud to host the biannual Alliances and Commonalities conference. It is an integral part of our research environment and brings together individuals and groups who are interested in engaging with and linking with a growing international community of affiliated and independent artistic researchers.

Date and time
20–22 October, 2022


Programme, profile areas, presenters and titles of the 2022 Conference

Profile Area Title Presenter
Site, Event, Encounter Elsewhere (Pt 1) Carolina Jinde, Alexander Eriksson Furunes, Tuomas Laitinen
Site, Event, Encounter Perspective: Embracing and Highlighting Disability Viewpoints through Artistic Undertakings Molly Joyce, Sandy Guttman 
Site, Event, Encounter Te Whānau Pā Harakeke: An indigenous artform of community intervention  Tanya White, Leon Tan 
Site, Event, Encounter De-territorializing, Entangling, and Fluctuating Art and Learning Spaces: Home/Classroom/Public Scott Sikkema, Gigi Schroeder-Yu, Gustavo Jardim
Site, Event, Encounter The Anonymous -- A documentary memory and transformation project. Bengt Bok
Site, Event, Encounter Sounding Belfast During Covid-19 (Lockdowns) Georgios Varoutsos
Site, Event, Encounter Taking Care Taking  Martin Hargreaves, Nicola Coniberes
Site, Event, Encounter FOOD (+) BALL UNITE US Marios Fournaris
Site, Event, Encounter Undoing Art Research from A Sonico-Feminist Perspective - A PLAY Åsa Stjerna, Jenny Gräf Sheppard, Ania Mauruschat, Jenny Sunesson, Salomé Voegelin
Site, Event, Encounter Elsewhere (Pt 2) Carolina Jinde, Alexander Eriksson Furunes, Tuomas Laitinen
Site, Event, Encounter Forest Calling – A Never-ending Contaminated Collaboration or Dancing is a Form of Forest Knowledge: An inquiry of mutually resilient relating Malin Arnell, Åsa Elzén
Site, Event, Encounter Profile Area Open Space Seminar - Site, Event, Encounter Stacey Sacks
Art, Materiality, Technology Proscenium Allyson Packer
Art, Materiality, Technology Emails and the Autoethnography of Amnesia Deb Kamal Ganguly 
Art, Materiality, Technology Thinking aesthetic thinking through ecologies of aesthetic research practices Emma Cocker, Alex Arteaga, Nicole Wendel
Art, Materiality, Technology Ashes to Ashes Julia Adzuki
Art, Materiality, Technology Registers, Intensities and Shimmers: Exploring a Somatic Materialism Susan Kozel
Art, Materiality, Technology Enhear Voice Under Ester Martin Bergsmark, Carolina Jinde
Art, Materiality, Technology Performing community garden Khadija Baker
Art, Materiality, Technology VR DESCENDANTS Portals: A case study Guillermo Valerdi Chalate
Art, Materiality, Technology This Fan May Not Be Replaced You Just Don't Know The Future (NEW TITEL / NEW PRESENTATION - ms NOT SURE OF FORMAT Dina Kelberman
Art, Materiality, Technology Profile Area Open Space Seminars - Art, Materiality, Technology Sher Doruff
Concept and Composition Mining and Decentering the Archive for Creative Research Purposes Nicola Deane
Concept and Composition Encounter: bodies as verbs of in_con_tra Mirko Guido
Concept and Composition To pass on as an artistic method Anna Öberg, Olof Misgeld
Concept and Composition Composing CAIT Annika Boholm, Kersti Grunditz Brennan
Concept and Composition Performative strategies, dimensions of emancipation Ellen Nyman
Concept and Composition Artistic encounters and conceptual experimentation: Listening, co-creation, and radical relationality in transdisciplinary perspectives Klas Nevrin, Janna Holmstedt
Concept and Composition Pendular movements - the Transformation of the Vocal Expression in Theater and Opera Wilhelm Carlsson
Concept and Composition Erratic WALKS and path-seeking (Pt. 2) Raquel Felgueiras, Florian Goeschke, Marie-Andree Robitaille
Concept and Composition The Performativity of Nonviolence in Translation Zoya Sardashti
Concept and Composition LETHE Anna Lindahl, Johan Jutterström, Andreas Hiroui, Jennifer Torrencea 
Concept and Composition Profile Area Open Space Seminar - Concept and Composition Kent Olofsson
Bodily and Vocal Practices Catalysts-Somatic Resonance. A choreography of mixed reality technologies, kinesthetic algorithms, affects, archival material and live bodies. Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir, Susan Kozel, Jeannette Ginslov, Keith Lim
Bodily and Vocal Practices Let it Fall Maya Dikstein and Mar~Yã<>Makabra Coqito
Bodily and Vocal Practices Performance Modes, Food Systems, and Resisting the Archive: Putting “36 Facts for a Sermon on Food” in its Place Laura Knott
Bodily and Vocal Practices This World of Air Alex Grünenfelder
Bodily and Vocal Practices Internal Singing Cara Tolmie
Bodily and Vocal Practices Baaaaaaang (Reading Time) Charles de Agustin
Bodily and Vocal Practices Flowing with metaphor: Eddy projects and processes Andrea Frank
Bodily and Vocal Practices Profile Area Open Space Seminar - Bodily and Vocal Practices John-Paul Zaccarin


Watch the closing speech on Alliances and Commonalities 2022 by Cecilia Roos. In the video: Cecilia Roos, John-Paul Zaccarini, Peter Mills, Eleanor Bauer, Ellen J Røed, Sher Doruff, Stacey Sacks.


Conference Committee 
Paula Crabtree, Cecilia Roos, John-Paul Zaccarini, Kent Olofsson, Sher Doruff, Rebecca Hilton, Ellen Røed

AC2022 team
Sanna Hagström, Anna-Carin Stymne – Research Office
Katherine Stuart – Language editor
Trippus – Conference platform management
Jenni-My Andersson – Technical Director
Helle Zimmerman  – Communications
Maria Stålhammar – Producer

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