Alliances & Commonalities 2022

AoC2022 huvudbil_foto_Ellen Røed_1100x620.jpgPhoto: Ellen J Røed

Welcome to Stockholm University of the Arts and to the third iteration of Alliances and Commonalities. SKH is very proud to host the biannual Alliances and Commonalities conference. It is an integral part of our research environment and brings together individuals and groups who are interested in engaging with and linking with a growing international community of affiliated and independent artistic researchers.

Date and time
20–22 October, 2022

Conference website
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Alliances & Commonalties 2022 conference website

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Conference Committee
Paula Crabtree, Cecilia Roos, John-Paul Zaccarini, Kent Olofsson, Sher Doruff, Rebecca Hilton, Ellen Røed

AC2022 team
Sanna Hagström, Anna-Carin Stymne – Research Office
Katherine Stuart – Language editor
Trippus – Conference platform management
Jenni-My Andersson – Technical Director
Helle Zimmerman  – Communications
Maria Stålhammar – Producer

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