Alliances and Commonalities 2020 


Following the success of 2018, where we gathered 200 artistic researchers from all over the world, the conference Alliance & Commonalities was held again at SKH 22-24 October 2020. This year on a digital platform and with almost double the number of participants.


Alliances and Commonalities was first created to focus on the ways in which artistic research connects us as artists and researchers to each other and the wider world. Embracing the diverse formats in which research is shared was key to the format of the original gathering, and central to the curation of this year’s conference.  However, the premise of Alliances and Commonalities and the inquiry into what connects us is challenged when our movement is restricted and most of us have experienced some degree of isolation and/or quarantine. New, urgent questions have emerged in relation to Alliances and Commonalities and how we gather such as:

How do the restrictions on our movement affect the way we perceive the world in relation to power, place, each other, and our own artistic freedoms?

How can we participate, engage, support, and challenge each other in this time of enforced distance?

How can we remain vulnerable to what we don’t know when we cannot be in the same room, cannot touch, and might have to wear masks to protect ourselves from the air we breathe?

How can we stimulate and safeguard our curiosity about each other and our own research when we are isolated?

And, importantly:

What is important now?

Please join us for an online conference where together we can get closer to the issues that are impacting our communities, our research, and our art.

PRESENTERS at Alliances and Commonalities, 2020 are:

  • Alex Arteaga, Spain/Germany
  • Erik Åberg, Sweden
  • Eleanor Bauer and Mia Engberg, Sweden
  • Electa Behrens and Öystein Elle, Norway
  • Illaria Bessone, Alice Feldman, Ophélie Mercier, and Olga Lucia Sorzano, Italy
  • Kersti Brennan and Annika Boholm, Sweden
  • Outi Condit, Finland
  • Karmenlara Ely, Norway
  • Jack Faber, Finland
  • Jez riley French and Pheobe riley Law, United Kingdom
  • Erik Gandini, Roberto Bresin and Sandra Pauletto, Sweden
  • Katt Hernandez, Sweden
  • Tze Yeung Ho, Norway
  • Jana Holmstedt and Åsa Cederqvist, Sweden
  • Carolina Jinde, Tuomas Laitinen, and Alexander Furunes, Sweden
  • Siriol Joyner, Sweden
  • Sepideh Karami, United Kingdom
  • Simo Kellokumpu, Finland
  • Dilay Kocogullari, Poland
  • Yaen Levi and Tamar Levit, Belgium/Israel
  • Nadja Lipsyc, Norway
  • Trond Lossius, Norway
  • Peter Mills, Sweden
  • Pekka Niskanen, Finland
  • June Pak, Canada
  • Chrysa Parkinson and Frank Bock, Sweden, United Kingdom
  • Tatiana Pinto, Sweden
  • Marie-Andree Robitaille, Sweden
  • Cordula Daus & Charlotta Ruth, Germany, Austria
  • Vincent Roumagnac, Finland
  • Gabriel Schenker, Belgium
  • Francisco B. Trento, Finland
  • Natalie Wureth and Anamaya Farthing-Kohl, Sweden
  • Miya Yoshida, Germany

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