Letter from A&C team

All of us on the Alliances and Commonalities team want to thank everyone who attended, presented, and contributed to Alliances and Commonalities 2020. We want to thank all of you for bringing yourselves so fully to this experiment and experience, and we sincerely hope you had some stimulating and rewarding encounters.

We created Alliances and Commonalities 2020 out of an opportunity to make a platform where Artistic Researchers can model an ethical discourse based on curiosity, civility, engagement, and something that hopefully will never go out of style, the pursuit of knowledge. These values are ever more urgent as we head into a new era of understanding how we can be together and help each other in that process.

Alliances and Commonalities was about connecting and the ways we connect. So, how do we join together in these days of isolation and distance? We do so by watching, listening, asking, and answering. Our tools for communicating have been reduced but are no less important. They may be more critical than ever.

As we adapt to the digital format and use different tools to communicate, negotiating being together in space and time must recede, rest, hibernate, and transform. But what will come out of this time? What will we have learned from each other? From nature? From the planet? Our work as researchers must consider the broader context in which we are learning from and contributing to.

To that end, the artist-researchers who presented their research at Alliances and Commonalities had to adapt their research to reach everyone who attended the conference. We thank every presenter at the conference for their careful consideration of how to meet this moment.

Despite the fuzziness of the future, we are all very much looking forward to welcoming you back to Alliances and Commonalities in 2022.

All our best,

The Alliances and Commonalities team