Alliances & Commonalities 2020

Stockholm University of the Arts held our second Alliances and Commonalities conference in Artistic Research on October 22-24, 2020. The conference was an opportunity for researchers, artists, and academics within performative and mediated practices to share their research and to articulate their questions within a context of creative collaborative inquiry. The conference was held online, except for a small contingent of participants from Stockholm University of the Arts.

Image_Alliances and Commonalities 2020_Photo_Ellen Roed_1100x620px.jpg

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the field of Artistic Research, and the theme of Alliances and Commonalities seems more complicated, and vital, than ever. The conference Alliances and Commonalities 2020 will be held online, and we are exploring and developing formats to best suit the presenters at the conference. Although hosting an online conference has limitations both logistically and ethically, it seems important to explore and challenge the conditions that we are currently living and working in.

We received an impressive 183 proposals submitted for consideration for it´s second International Conference on Artistic Research, Alliances & Commonalities. The proposals came from five continents and from artists and researchers working across disciplines and formats.   

We are awed by the creativity, resourcefulness, and enthusiasm of the artist-researchers that will present at this year´s conference. We hope that the collaborative spirit of the conference inspires all who attend to reflect on the importance of participating with each other´s research in the midst of these unique and difficult times, says Rebecca Hilton, Juliette Mapp, Cecilia Roos and Ellen Røed, from Research Centre at SKH. 

Registration for the conference will be free, however attendees and participants will have to pre-register and sign up for individual presentations. 

Immense interest when Alliances & Commonalities holds digital conference