Location: Linnégatan 87
Time: 09.00 – 17.30
- Mingle at Linnégatan 87


Monumentomachia is a presentation of an ongoing curatorial research dossier comprising different critical responses towards existing or newly proposed monuments that have been contested by different communities. The aim of the project is to discuss the reasons that led activists, curators, and artists to address contentious events from the past or in the present in relationship to monument building.
Presented by: Suzana Milevska

Oslofjord Ecologies is an artistic research project on cultural and environmental sustainability in a site-specific context. Oslofjord Ecologies starts from a question: How can new concepts of knowledge, development of artistic methods and interdisciplinary engagement contribute to the formulation of sustainable relationships to the environment?
Presented by: Kristin Bergaust and Rasa Smite

The video artists Boisseau and Westermeyer have developed the method Agent Provocateur where one of two filmmakers is a part of the video scene and appears side by side with the other protagonists in the work. The method Agent Provocateur is not acting, but nevertheless produces an effect on the situation and the other protagonists through their presence. In their upcoming research project in collaboration with philosopher David Zerbib, the artists want to use this method to measure the positionality of the postmodern subject – referring to Helmuth Plessner’s ex-centric positionality.  
Presented by: Sylvie Boisseau and Frank Westermeyer


Remember, We Love You: Building a Grassroots LGBTQ Portrait Gallery is a socially engaged artwork that combats the marginalization of sexual minorities through the processes and methods of participatory artistic research, by re-visioning LGBTQ history as a society and giving a face to the everyday LGBTQ people who are present in each of our lives. Through an international series of workshops and exhibitions, they are assembling a collection of portraits and narratives contributed by hundreds of participants of various ages, Identities, and backgrounds.
Presented by: AK/OK (M. Wright and Kate Jarboe)

Living Documents is a workshop that deals with the concept of passing on (Swedish tradera), the multi sensorial transfer of material from person to person. Inside folk tradition, repetition and re-interpretation stimulate oral and physical practices (dance, music and other) to live, rather than being an archival process. The workshop will be a place where artists, researchers and other creators are invited to conceptualize and explore how they can transform a small piece of their practice into a participatory encounter with a (living) documentary reception. 
Presented by: Anna Öberg and Charlotta Ruth

The chasing fog club (Est. 2014): Boot camp Stockholm 2018 is a Boot camp running throughout the conference. Fog permitting, participants are invited to ‘chase fog’ in Stockholm and send photographic evidence to
Details available on the first day. Fog-chasing is followed by discussion of the ways an artist can encourage ongoing public participation to achieve the work’s conceptual and participatory aims. 
Format: Recruitment Drive/Discussion 
Presented by: Layne Waerea 


Visual Heuristics - Drawing as a tool for collective learning is an ongoing documentation as performance project where the researcher is a catalyst to creating spaces by live-scribing (making live drawings by distilling real-time information and recording it visually) the environment, sites, conversations, movements, event methodologies, experiences and encounters. 
Format: 3-day extended performance 
Presented by: Srinivas Mangipudi  

At the end of day one there will be two separate but simultaneous panels, one with the participants and presenters of the Site, Event, Encounter strand and the other of the Bodily and Vocal Practices strand. The panel will be an open conversation with those who participated in the days events.

Day One and Day Two: Individual Profile area panel discussions 
Day Three: Open Space Technology and final conference conversation.
Find out more: Final connections