Final connections



Location: Valhallavägen 189
Time: 09.00 - 12.30 


Documentation Presentations

Visual Heuristics-Drawing as a tool for collective learning is an on-going documentation project where the researcher is a catalyst to create spaces by live-scribing (making live drawings by distilling real-time information and recording it visually) the environment, sites, conversations, movements, event methodologies, experiences and encounters. The resulting drawings will be installed and displayed during the conference, and will discuss the project on the last day.
Presented by: Srinivas Mangipudi

Boot camp Stockholm 2018 (A boot camp is commonly described as a short, intensive, and rigorous course of training usually conducted at an unreasonable hour of the morning) will be in operation for the duration of the conference (From one minute after midnight October 25th through to midnight October 27th 2018). Fog permitting, members of the public are invited to ‘chase fog’ wherever and whenever they prefer in Stockholm/Sweden. On the last of the conference participants and researchers will consider the different ways and methods an artist can continue to encourage an ongoing public participation and to review/assess the effectiveness of the artwork to achieve its conceptual and participatory aims: “to question and critique social and legal rules governing preferred behaviours in the public realm.”
Presented by: Layne Waerea

Open Space Technology

Following the final presentations there will be an Open Space Technology where conference participants will suggest topics to discuss and choose which conversations they would like to participate in. It is the time and space where participants can self-organize around the issues that arose during the conference.

Final group conversation

There will be a final group conversation with all presenters and attendees that will focus on the specific ideas of the conference as they emerge. The gathering will circle back to the theme of artistic alliances, of what connects us through practice, participation and research.