Doctoral research project

"Fauxthentication..." by Bogdan Szyber

Researcher: Bogdan Szyber

Fauxthentication – Staging and Performing The Site Specifics of The Academic Artist, is an manifold artistic research project by doctoral candidate Bogdan Szyber. Bogdan Szyber will attempt an overlapping investigation of three fields: The Academe as the Site of Performance, The Online Economy of Digital Labour as Actors and The Conceptual Art of Institutional Critique as a Method, incorporating discourses on class, gender, value and the global digital economy. Bogdan Szyber is a doctoral candidate in Performing Arts.

Find out more (pdf): FAUXTHENTICATION part 1 presentation incl images

Find out more (pdf): The merchandising of artistic research art and ditto theory – an institutionalised critique

Find out more (pdf): Fauxthentication part III – Relevance, inversion and the creation of history
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Goal & purpose

Utilizing his theatre and performance background as a professional, Bogdan Szyber will attempt an overlapping investigation of three fields:

  • The Academe as the Site of Performance
  • The Online Economy of Digital Labour as Actors
  • The Conceptual Art of Institutional Critique as a Method

Using theatre as a metaphor and dramaturgy as a methodology, Bogdan Szyber aims to analyse the crosssections between pressures for academic excellence and the fraud of the higher education industry fuelled by the work of the digital global proletariat, incorporating discourses on class,gender, and the global digital economy. The (artistic) academic research environment is a very specific place, context or "site". The project is considered as a site-specific project starting from the area, social patterns of behaviour, meaningful communicative acts, dress codes and ultimately the hegemonic discursive structures that constitute the field of artistic research in Scandinavia.

Research questions

Academia, generally considered as one of the noble fields and its champions motivated by the quest for the pursuit of knowledge, is nevertheless filled with fraud, plagiarism and cheating. There exists an entire industry that supports academic fraud. What is required to "win" the game and become a successful artistic academician? How is the drama constituted and what drives and motivates the artistic researcher? Who is exploited and why? What is being produced and for what purposes, inside our artistic research milieu? What in particular distinguishes our artistic-research-art from out-of-academia-art? What are its characteristics in relation to the economy, the labour, the production processes, the audience, it’s dissemination, documentation and archiving?

This is how the project will be carried out

The project has so far included nine freelancing academic ghostwriters, all women from developing countries; an american photographer and singer in this case acquired as an art producer, and lastly an exhibition of 10% of all artistic researchers who have publicly defended a doctoral thesis in Sweden, covering all disciplines from film animation across fashion design to choreography. 


The dissertation is scheduled for spring of 2020.

Final Presentation

The project will be presented by means of performances, exhibitions, public lectures, seminars and publications on the Internet as well as in the form of catalogues and books.