Development Work

”To let things unfold” by Roos and Burkhardt

Researcher: Cecilia Roos

Ämne: Choreography

To let things unfold (by catching the centre) is a development work by Cecilia Roos and Jan Burkhardt.

The research project was conducted by Jan Burkhardt and Cecilia Roos between 2016-2018 and financed by Stockholm University of the Arts. The research started with the pilot study Gestures of exchange from a shared interest in how performers exchange methods during an artistic process and our aim was to explore different ways of articulating that. During that study we realized that our interest was rather in how we can experience each other’s methods through sensation. That brought us into To let things unfold (by catching the centre), where we have been working on expanding the notions of sensation and practicing different ways that experiences of sensation can be used as a material in choreographic processes. The questions we have asked ourselves are: What is the role of sensation in choreographic processes? In what ways are sensations exchanged, transformed and transacted between performers in a creative process? What kind of possibilities can emerge out of purposelessness? The act of sharing became our primary research practice supported by sensation as one of the fundaments for sharing.

The completed activities and the result of the research will be published in Nordic Journal of Dance in October 2019.