Lena Stefenson
Assistant Professor of Mime Figuration

Lena Stefenson

Department: Department of Acting
E-mail: lena.stefenson@uniarts.se
Telephone number: +46 8 49 400 640

I have been working at Uniarts since 2010.

I am a mime-actor and choreographing director with more than 35 productions behind me.

I teach in the field of mime-acting, scenic portrayal and directing of movement-based performing arts. I am also responsible teacher for the education in mime-acting.

Mime-actor training is important because it provides a basis within physical acting and also educates actors to be able to move freely within all the performing arts.

My subjects give the students a guide both in the actor's inner work and how to create. I focus a lot on teaching idea creation and how to work in different forms of collaborative work.

I have written a book called Rörelsen först – om regi för rörelsebaserad scenkonst. There I write about my work as a  choreographer / director.

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