Eli Bø
Professor of Production Design, Pro-Vice-Chancellor

Eli Bø

Department: Department of Film and Media, Vice-Chancellor and co-workers
E-mail: eli.bo@uniarts.se
Telephone number: +46 8 49 400 297

What do you teach at SKH?
I am professor of Production Design and I am excited to announce that we will be starting a brand-new MA course in autumn 2018 called MA Narrative Space – Production Design for Film and Media.

What is important for you as a teacher?
I believe I have a responsibility, as a production designer and an educator, at this historic crossroads between the analogue and the digital, the inactive and the interactive, at a time when ’everyone’ can make films and new storytellers constantly emerge from everywhere, to help democratising our industry by teaching traditional skills as well as supporting the development of accessible and affordable digital methods for low budget productions.  Equally, I believe in encouraging quality narrative design thinking into all areas of moving image storytelling.

My students, the production designers of the future will play a vital role in creating visual worlds for all kinds of screens and moving image experiences.

It is a very exciting time to be running a new production design course!

Have you got any advice for those who would like to study at SKH?
The new course is open to students from a wide variety of visual backgrounds, including theatre, architecture, illustration, games, costume, fine art, building, interior design, 3D design and making.

It is essential that applicants enjoy working in teams and that they have a project or a research idea that they wish to explore once they have secured a place on the course.

Is there anything in your practice you would like to highlight?
Production design is everything you see in the frame!

The principles of production design can be applied to productions of any budget, any size and any genre! We can show you how to use architecture, place, objects and costume as visual narrative tools, and how they can help you improve your moving image storytelling skills, without breaking your budget, just by making conscious visual and spatial decisions.

In the same way as casting and choice of lens support cinematic storytelling, choice of architecture, objects and space have a great impact on how effectively you communicate too.

Production design is about how to expand the visual storytelling toolbox!