Charlie Åström
Assistant Professor of Lighting Design

Charlie Åström

Department: Department of Performing Arts
Telephone number: +46 8 49 400 573

What do you teach at SKH?
I´m an Assistant Professor in Light design at the Department of Performing Arts.

Is there anything in your practice you would like to highlight?
The technics of performing arts is in a phase of speedy development and we are facing new challenges, for example the introduction of LED lights and new ways of visualising and controlling our equipment. This is a very interesting time to be an active artist. The development will influence our perception and means of working with the artistic functions and expressions.

What is important for you as a teacher?
My task as Assistant Professor in Light design is to prepare the students for a professional career, providing neccessary skills in the craft of light design and technics and useful tools to develop their own artistry. It is also to evoke understanding regarding the function of light in relation to actors/performers, texts and other visual means of expression.