The whole programme for Research Week out now


How can film prop designers use video games as a design tool? How do you portray sexuality in opera without crossing boundaries of personal integrity? How can mime actors use artificial intelligence? These questions – and many more – are addressed at Stockholm University of the Arts Research Week 2022 from 18 to 21 January. And now, the whole programme with descriptions of all the presentations is available on our website.

The annual research week is held during the first week of spring term at Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH), which this year is 18–21 January. Research Week provides a unique opportunity for researchers, students and the interested general public to observe how new knowledge is produced at SKH, and to partake in projects that otherwise are taking place in the different departments. This year, 35 researchers and co-researchers present 19 research projects rooted in the artistic research milieu at SKH.

Read the whole programme for Research Week 2022 and register for individual presentations here.

Several of the most exciting research projects are the results of exchanges between researchers in different departments, or between different academic institutions. For example, SKH Professor Eli Bø has worked with the Luleå-based researcher Arash Källmark and the architect Guillermo Valerdi Chalate to examine the possibilities of creating virtual set design in tools designed for use with video games, which they believe can make filmmaking more democratic.

“Using a game engine reduces the need for studios and set builds and can therefore be more sustainable,” explains Eli Bø. “The process is ideal for students because it is fun, quick and not hierarchical. Everyone can be part of the creative process if they learn how to use the software.”

Other presentations are deeply rooted in long-term research projects, including the doctoral projects that third cycle students at SKH work with. One example is opera singer and doctoral candidate Tove Dahlberg, who is presenting part of her soon-to-be-completed doctoral project about gender in opera portrayals.

“Portrayals of sexuality are often closely linked to notions of gender,” Tove Dahlberg says. “In September 2021, I conducted a research study on the performance of intimacy. Together with two other singers, a director, a pianist and an intimacy coordinator, I explored the possibilities of working with love scenes in the opera repertoire in a way that takes the singers' personal boundaries into account, while making the performance artistically more interesting.”

Research Week 2022 is fully digital and open to the public. With each programme item, you will find a registration link where you can fill in your information to access the live stream.