The Quality Assurance processes at SKH are approved with reservations


The quality assurance processes at SKH are approved with reservations. It was decided by the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) on 17 November after reviewing SKH´s quality assurance processes.

In Spring 2020, UKÄ carried out a review of SKH's quality assurance processes. All Swedish universities and colleges have their quality assurance processes reviewed during the period 2017 - 2022. In this round, in addition to SKH, Konstfack, Kungl. Konsthögskolan, Beckmans design, Kungl. Musikhögskolan and Stockholms musikpedagogiska institut, were reviewed.

Five out of six assessment areas are considered satisfactory
The overall assessment of the quality assurance processes is given on a three-point scale - approved, approved with reservations or quality assurance processes under review.

The quality assurance processes at SKH receive the overall judgement approved with reservations. Of the six assessment areas included in the review, only one area at SKH – Governance and Organisation –is not considered satisfactory. The other five – Preconditions, Design, implementation and outcomes, Gender equality, Student and doctoral student perspective and Working life and collaboration - are considered satisfactory. UKÄ's decision is based on the review team’s opinion.

Strengths in SKH's quality assurance processes
The quality assurance processes at SKH receive a lot of credit. The quality system as a whole, is considered to be cohesive and ambitious and to have a clear methodology through the five-phase improvement wheel. The review team also highlights SKH's work with course evaluations as positive because, among other things, it encourages students to participate.

When it comes to gender equality, SKH receives particularly many positive reviews. The review team believes that there is a great deal of knowledge and awareness of gender equality issues at SKH and highlights the pedagogical education provided for teachers and doctoral students as well as SKH's plan for equal rights and opportunities and the courses with norm-critical content given in the teacher program.

Other areas that are highlighted are the work with skills provision planning, the active research environment and clear measures that guarantee a close connection between research and teaching.

Development areas
The review team also pinpoints a number of development areas where SKH´s quality assurance processes can be improved. The review team believes that in the area of ​​Governance and Organisation, SKH ought to develop clearer processes for the revision of governing documents. Furthermore a plan is needed for how the quality policy should be revised and published. The review team also believes that SKH needs to develop communication and division of responsibilities with regard to quality work.

Other development areas that the review team points to include that SKH should develop how international employees and students can be more involved. The review team also believes that SKH needs a clearer strategy when it comes to communication to students and that communication in general needs to be more visible when it comes to the results from quality work.

Important commitment
- Working with quality assurance is a continuous process and we have developed our operations and quality assurance processes since we sent in our self-evaluation and since the review. We are happy for the report we have now received and will analyse what we need to develop further, says Paula Crabtree, Vice-Chancellor of SKH.

Paula wants to thank everyone who contributed in various ways during the review process.
- There are many who are involved in our quality assurance processes, which is important and guarantees that our business can continue to maintain a high quality.

This is happening now
SKH will now analyse the assessment of the review team in order to get a clear picture of what we need to develop further from the review and an action plan will be developed. In two years time, SKH will report to UKÄ on what measures have been taken to develop the quality assurance work.

Long process
The review of SKH's quality assurance processes has been carried out by a review team appointed by UKÄ. The members of the group has been Jan Zirk, Högskolan i Skövde, Ulf Dalnäs, University of Gothenburg, Astrid Elbek, Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus / Aalborg, Leena Rouhiainen, Konstuniversitetet Helsingfors, Cecilia Langemark, Konstnärsnämnden and Jennifer Bohlström, a student at GIH.

The review process began last year when SKH produced a self-evaluation which was submitted to UKÄ in December 2019. In Spring 2020, the self-evaluation was followed by two site visits by the review team, one of which was carried out via zoom due to the ongoing pandemic. During the site visits, the leadership,management, teachers, students and doctoral students were interviewed.

Of the universities that have so far had their quality assurance processes reviewed by UKÄ, only Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet has received the overall judgement approved.

Read more
More information about UKÄ's review can be found on SKH's quality page. Here, for example, the self-evaluation and UKÄ's decision are published.

Link to the quality page (In Swedish)