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The name Stockholms konstnärliga högskola is now being clarified


From 1 January 2020, only the name Stockholms konstnärliga högskola (in English Stockholm University of the Arts) is used. SKH is always used as an abbreviation, regardless of language.

In December 2019, the Board of SKH decided to remove the previous school names DOCH Dans och Cirkushögskolan (DOCH School of Dance and Circus), Operahögskolan (University College of Opera) and Stockholms dramatiska högskola (Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts). The names have been used since the three schools were merged in 2014 to Stockholms konstnärliga högskola (Stockholm University of Arts), SKH.

- The purpose is to make visible and strengthen SKH. It has been difficult to create a uniform and clear communication around our university when we have used so many different names and logos. Our goal with this change is to make it clear that we are one university and to make visible all the activities this university can offer, says Monica Engdahl, Director of Communications at SKH.

As a result of the decision, the structure of SKH's website will therefore change in the near future.

- Our hope is that our visitors will have indulgence with this during a transitional period and that they will still find what they are looking for, says Monica Engdahl.