Performing Arts course "Contemporaneity and Arts" hosts a series of lectures online


We are happy to announce the first full-on digital course for the Bachelor level Performing Arts students, which has - in spite of the Corona pandemic - managed to host Scandinavian and international lecturers with both academic as well as practical background; Mattias Andersson, Oliver Frljić, Ana Vujanović, Helene Larsson-Poussete, Rachel Hann, Synne Berndht, Goran Injac, Jon Refsdal Moe, Johannes Maria Schmit and Iggy Lond Malmborg.

It has been quite a challenge to create an adequate platform for the discussion of the complex and diverse universe of contemporary art in relation to society under the present circumstances. With this initiative, we aim to provide our students with topical information on current trends in different fields and areas of contemporary art today.

The aim of the course has been to examine the notion of contemporaneity and its possible application in the process of education of the future performing artists. The course aims to inspire them to act like, to paraphrase Boris Groys, “the Comrades of Time” or,  more precisely, to explore how to be WITH time rather than just IN time.

We have had a precious contribution through a series of lectures given by the experts in different fields such as Ana Vujanović (Germany, Serbia), Helene Larsson-Poussete (Sweden), Rachel Hann (UK), Synne Berndht (Denmark), Goran Injac (Slovenia), Jon Refsdal Moe (Norway) as well as the lecturers from our department. For the past two weeks they have been succeeding to inspire the students to try and find their inspiration as well as to start devising a creative toolbox for understanding their temporal and spatial context - which expands far beyond the limitations of the Zoom platform.

Lectures 19th of May:

On May 19th we had the privilege to host two events central to the course. Both were moderated by Anja Suša, Professor of Directing at SKH and responsible for the course.

The Role of a National Theatre in Relation to Contemporary Society

A panel discussion with the participation of:

Mattias Andersson, the recently appointed Artistic Director of Dramaten, also known for his close and documentary based approach to theatre and long-lasting interest in relations between theatre and society. This was also the trade-mark of his work during his many years as the Artistic Director of Backa Teater in Gothenburg.

Oliver Frljić , theatre director, known for his political engagement in theatre. He was, just before the Corona outbreak, active as one of the curators of the Austrian Burgh Theater in Vienna. He has also been the Artistic Director of the Croatian National Theatre in Rijeka, and during his mandate his active approach to the relation between the political and societal met a lot of public controversy.

Se the discussion on YouTube

Excess After the Sustainable Turn

This event took place in the format of an artistic conversation between two friends and collaborators within the "White on White" project - Johannes Maria Schmit (Germany, Denmark) and Iggy Lond Malmborg (Sweden, Estonia). The conversation is loosely inspired by the book of Angela Nagle: "Kill All Normies".

See the talk on YouTube

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