The autumn and Corona


On Monday 31 August, our doors will be reopened for teaching, learning and research at the University again – this is very gratifying and long-awaited! But the autumn semester of 2020 will continue with challenges as we are still living with a global pandemic.

SKH's premises open for education and research from the start of the Autumn term on 31 August. Activities should be conducted as normally as possible under prevailing circumstances maintaining clear requirements for infection prevention measures.

Education and research must be carried out with regard to infection prevention measures. Distance learning should be used for suitable parts of the education and research.

Personnel who have the opportunity may be able to work from home after discussion with their line manager.

Below is a selection of how we at SKH have prepared to ensure a safe place for employees and students to work in.

Hygiene and cleaning routines

A bottle of hand disinfection

  • All toilets are equipped with soap and paper towels.
  • Hand sanitizer is placedin many locations in the buildings.
  • The usual cleaning routines are increased. Wiping and disinfecting surfaces in kitchens, toilets and contact surfaces will be carried out several times a day.​
  • Rubbish in toilets and in kitchens will be emptied every day.​


A corridor with distance markings on the floor

  • SKH's buildings are only open to SKH's students and employees.
  • The restaurant at Valhallavägen 193 will be closed.​
  • No rental of SKH's premises during the Autumn semester.
  • More entrances than usual are planned to be used for entry and exit at SKH’s different buildings.​
  • The reception at Valhallavägen 189 is equipped with plexiglass.​​
  • Clear tape markings to keep distance have been set up in public areas.
  • Posters with corona guidelines are posted in our buildings.
  • Tables and chairs are placed so that distance can be maintained in dining areas and kitchens​.
  • The library is equipped with markings on the floor and plexiglass at the information desks.​
  • The lending desk in the technical equipment room​ at Valhallavägen 189 is equipped with plexiglass.
  • Spray for cleaning keyboards on shared computers​ is available.

Events and meetings

A keep distance decal on the floor in front of an elevator

  • There will be no traditional start of term gathering for the entire SKH.
  • Digital registration for all students
  • Larger meetings must be done digitally.
  • No student parties / staff parties or the like can be held during the Autumn semester.


A poster with information on corona

  • To avoid the use of public transport during rush hour and to avoid crowds in the buildings it is possible that some teaching will need to be conducted during the evenings / weekends.
  • Teaching may also be divided into smaller groups.
  • The number of contacts between different classes and groups should be minimised.