Photo of Strategic Plan 2020-2023

SKH’s Strategic Plan for 2020-2023


In April, the University Board decided on SKH's new Strategic Plan for 2020-2023 and now it has been designed and is available in a printed version.

In the spring of 2019, work began on developing a new Strategic Plan for SKH.

SKH's strived for a dynamic, inclusive and inspiring process and invited the entire SKH to participate in the work on the new Strategic Plan. In addition, external parts were also invited to participate, such as for example SKH's alumni.

In workshops, information- and work meetings, important goals and areas were discussed as a basis for the content of the plan. The project group met SKH's three student unions and PhD candidates and also participated in all the departments' collegial meetings as well as several different staff meetings. In addition to process meetings, a digital platform was created with the aim of informing about how the process proceeded, and offering a digital channel for views, contributions and dialogue. An internal information campaign at SKH generated in 81 written contributions.

All documentation was processed by the project group in dialogue with SKH's leadership group and steering committee.

The Strategic Plan was then processed on several occasions by the University's Board, and then decided upon in April.