Erik Gandini, Anna Lindal

Stockholm University of the Arts receives over SEK 8,6 million grants


On 29 September 2020, the Swedish Research Council distributed grants for Artistic Research. Stockholm University of the Arts received just over SEK 8.6 million for two projects. Congratulations to Erik Gandini and Anna Lindal!

Erik Gandini, Professor of Documentary film, is awarded just over SEK 4.4 million for the project THE FUTURE THROUGH THE PRESENT. Participating researchers: Jyoti Mistry and Roland Paulsen.

Anna Lindal, Violinist and Professor in Dance, is awarded just over SEK 4.2 million for her project Lethe. Participating researchers: Johan Jutterström and Andreas Hiroui Larsson.

In total, the Swedish Research Council granted six of 52 applications. The total grant amount is just over SEK 25 million. All applicants were granted a project period of three years.

Read more on the Swedish Research Council's website: Swedish Research Council