Clairemarie Osta in front of the mirror in a dance studio

Star dancer taught pedagogy students


For a few days around Easter, the pedagogy students, BA year 2, got to meet and work with Clairemarie Osta, former étoile (star dancer) from the Paris Opera, current artistic director specializing in Classical Ballet at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm.

Together with musicians Julia Koydan, pianist and Simon Bång, cello soloist and conductor, Clairmarie guided the students through inspiring workshops focusing on the body's communication and interaction with music and on how Life itself can be explored through dance and movement.

A student writes:

Being part of the classes with Clariemarie at SKH was a very amazing, enjoyable and rewarding experience for me. It was a real sharing of energy coming from the music played by Julia and Simon while Clariemarie was guiding us to fill up our "stage" (classroom) with meaningful movements. Ballet can be an old tradition that requires technique, but doing classes with Clariemarie I have learnt that is much more than that. Ballet is a communication between my body that moves from inside to outside, where my eyes tell a history while my arms and legs draw movements in the air following the music that is playing. Thanks for this opportunity and this life experience.

Wonderfully replenished, we are now continuing this semester /Madelaine Daneberg, Assistant Professor in Ballet