Have a nice summer!


After intensive months filled with graduation productions and other events, we want to wish you all a nice summer and sum up the spring semester in pictures.

The 21/22 academic year is over and a new batch of graduates is leaving.

As always, it will be exciting to follow you in your professional lives and we wish you the best of luck in everything you do!

A host of amazing graduation productions and other events have been captured on camera. Here's a collection of sweet memories for you to enjoy over the summer.

Spring term 2022 in pictures 

Research week

sommarhälsning_forskningsveckan.jpgIn the picture: Camilla Damkjaer, Johanna Garpe. Photo: Johan Palme. 

Research Week 2022  was an opportunity for researchers, students and the general public to learn about the development of new knowledge at the SHA, and projects that are otherwise only ongoing in the various departments. This year, 35 researchers and co-researchers showcased 19 research projects. Among other things, visitors were able to learn how film directors can use computer games as design tools, how to portray sexuality in opera without crossing privacy boundaries, and how mime actors use artificial intelligence. 

SKH Dance Open Lectures:
Decolonizing the body with Thomas Talawa Prestø 

SKH Dance Open lecture _thomas1100x620 (1).pngPhoto: Sigrun Drivdal Johnsen 
decolonizing_27jan22 (4).jpg
From the live-streamed lecture workshop 27 January with over 1000 followers from all over the world. 

SKH Dance Open Lectures is a lecture series organized by SKH Dance. The lectures are for the whole SKH and open to the public. 27 January was the topic Decolonizing the body - a question of technique with Thomas Talawa Prestø, artistic director of Tabanka Dance Ensemble. The lecture was live-streamed to more than 1000 participants from all over the world attended.

Festfolk (Party people) degree performance in Mime Acting  

THOMAS ZAMOLO_festfolk22 (3).jpg

THOMAS ZAMOLO_festfolk22 (1).jpg

untitled-0673.jpgPhotos: Thomas Zamolo. 

The graduating students of the Bachelor's Programme in Mime Acting invited us all to their last show at SKH. "Festfolk", a performance that the students created together with the director and choreographer Anne Jonsson. It was performed to full houses at SKH during the spring.

Decolonizing tertiary dance education: Time to act

Skärmklipp_konferensen SKH-Uganda.jpg

As new popular movements with new ideas sweep through the world, the dance world cannot continue in its old ways. That's the view of the organizers of the SHA's digital conference in April, which in many ways challenged what a conference is and what responsibilities participants have afterward. Decolonizing tertiary dance education: time to act was held on 7-8 April 2022 as a collaboration between SKH and Makerere University in Kampala. See a reportage from the conference here

Push play and Dance tour 


The image above is from the dance piece Flicker, one of four, choreographed and performed by second-year students at SKH Dance Education in the spring of 2022. The four performances toured in schools around Sweden during April and concluded with performances at SKH under the name Push play, including during Kulturnatt Stockholm.

Scenex22 - graduate performances in BA Performing Arts

DYING YOUNG scenex 22 Foto Per Bolkert 7.jpgFrom Dying Young at Folkoperan. Photo: Per Bolkert.
For A  New Theatre scenex 22 Foto Per Bolkert 6.jpg
From For a New Theatre at SKH. Photo: Per Bolkert. 
Hormone Setting In Motion scenex 22 Foto Per Bolkert 95.jpg
From Hormone Setting in Motion at SKH. Photo: Per Bolkert
Lyktmannen Scenex 22 Foto Per Bolkert 94.jpgFrom Lyktmannen at SKH. Photo: Per Bolkert. 

Scenex22  is the collective name for this spring's eleven graduation performances from the Bachelor of Performing Arts programme. Some of the performances played at venues such as Dalateatern/Örebro Teater, Orionteatern, Bryggeriteatern at Teaterhögskolan in Malmö/Unga Klara in Stockholm, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern and Folkoperan. Others were performed at SKH.

MA Choreography: What can choreography be and do?

3ryggar.OK_7230 Photographer Cato Lein.jpgThe photo was taken by Cato Lein for the exposition ”What if clitoriography” by Nasreen Aljanabi Larsson

The Master Presentations in Choreography held at SKH and Weld offered many different hopeful and complex proposals in response to the question of what choreography can be and do. 

Closing acts - circus BA graduation performances

Actionbild3_72dpi_Robyn_Haefeli_Isak_Stockås.jpgArtist Robyn Haefeli Photo: Isak Stockås
Artist Elisa Bitschnau Photo: Isak Stockås
Artist Marula Lu Photo: Isak Stockås

The graduating BA class of 2022 in Circus treated a large audience to circus of the future in the performance Closing Acts.

In collaboration with acrobat, dancer, and choreographer Methinee Wongtrakoon, the graduates created a performance that explores the strength and nuances of contemporary circus through the disciplines of acro-movement, Chinese pole, cyr wheel, hand in hand, juggling, Russian cradle, tight wire, and trapeze acts. Closing Acts are the final step before they step out onto the professional stage and tour the world.

SKH meets young people (SKH möter unga)

2-skhmoterunga_Tunnelbarn2022_TorulfHolmström.jpgFrom Children of the tunnel (Tunnelbarn) during SKH meets young people. Photo: Torulf Holmström. 

Children aged 9-11 came to the SKH to enjoy film, radio and theatre in the all-arts SKH meets young people program. The all-arts piece was created by graduate students in film and media and acting, with the help of reference classes in grades 4 and 5. This year's theme was Fear and Courage.

Radical empathy 

LIZ_8676.jpgPhoto: Niklas Dennermalm

Second-year students in the Bachelor of Dance programme created a performance with Canadian/Belgian choreographer Liz Kinoshita and invited an audience to SKH. Read about Radical Empathy here.

Congratualtions Eleanor Bauer!

Grattis Eleanor Bauer_1100.jpg

The picture above is from 25 May when Eleanor Bauer defended her thesis with her project choreo | graphy.

The subject area is Performative and Media Practices. The documented artistic research project (doctoral thesis) is available in the databases DIVA and Research Catalogue. Eleanor Bauer is the fourteenth doctoral student to receive a doctorate in arts within the SHA.

FilmMediaExpo22 - MA FIlm and media graduate presentations

filmmediaexpo22 (1).jpg

filmmediaexpo22 (2).jpg

filmmediaexpo22 (6).jpgPhotos: Rickard Donatello.

The images above are from the FilmMediaExpo22 event held at SKH and Filmhuset for industry and the public 31 May-2 June. Visitors were treated to film screenings, exhibitions and presentations by and featuring graduating students of the Master's Programme in Film and Media with specializations in Animation, The Art of Impact, and Documentary Processes. 

An Evening at the Opera 

En_afton_på_operan_2022_ foto_Martin_Hellström_6061.jpg

En_afton_på_operan_2022_ foto_Martin_Hellström_6873.jpg

En_afton_på_operan_2022_ foto_Martin_Hellström_8338.jpg


En_afton_på_operan_2022_ foto_Martin_Hellström_8365.jpgPhotographer: Martin Hellström

The newly graduated students in opera (Opera Vocal Performance BA and MA, Opera Directing MA and Opera Repetiteur MA) invited us to an evening at the opera in the beautiful hall of Gävle Theatre - En afton på operan - together with conductor Jonas Dominique and the Gävle Symphony Orchestra. The opera stars of the future offered the Gävle audiences a high level of performing arts.