Collage from SKH Research Week 2021

SKH's digital Research Week attracted a big audience


SKH's annual research week took place between 19 and 22 January. A total of 26 presentations were held for four days – everything through Zoom.

Cecilia Roos, Vice-Rector of Research, and Sissel Behring, Research officer, were happy with the digital approach during this year's research week. Everything worked well – except for some problems with screen-sharing (due to network problems). The audience was almost twice as big as usually.

– I want to thank everyone who participated during the research week; researchers, moderators and other participants. We got to meet an impressive breadth of ideas, thoughts and challenging issues, says Cecilia Roos.

She continues:
– It's true that our different art forms are best experienced when we are all in the same physical room. But our researchers adapted and managed with the help of images, improvisations, song, etc. to give us a strong experience of what is being investigated.

Sissel Behring, who was the producer during Research Week:
– I am very pleased that we managed to carry out our first digital research week so well, and I hope that everyone involved was satisfied.

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