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SKH organises a design contest for a new building in Slakthusområdet


Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH), together with Atrium Ljungberg and the City of Stockholm, is organising a design contest to design a new building for SKH. The process is led by Architects Sweden.

The background to the competition is the University's plans to locate all of its activities to a new building in Slakthusområdet in Stockholm. SKH has recently signed a collaboration agreement with the property company Atrium Ljungberg. The collaboration agreement is conditional on a decision on land allocation and the start of planning for the detailed development plan, which the City of Stockholm is expected to make in the spring.

Design contest in two stages

The competition is carried out as an invited design contest in two stages. After the pre-qualification process, five to seven teams are invited to participate. The first part of the contest will start in June, and is focused on urban planning and overall program issues. Among the entries from the first part of the contest the jury will select two to three teams that will go on to the second stage of the contest.

Stockholm University of the Arts is the contracting authority for the design contest and intends to sign an agreement with the winning architect for further assignments. The purpose of the contest is to obtain proposals for a new building for SKH through a broad screening.

Robust, innovative and dynamic

The contest task consists of designing a new building for SKH in Slakthusområdet in Stockholm, where the area's scale, character, historical depth and the goal of a vibrant city life are considered. The contest area is located in the borderland between Slakthusområdet´s labyrinthine, varied structure and the large-scale Globe area with Tele2 Arena as its nearest neighbour.

- Stockholm University of the Arts in Slakthusområdet will be a robust, innovative and dynamic education and research environment. The new building will signal an open and welcoming artistic and transdisciplinary meeting space, says Paula Crabtree, Vice-Chancellor of SKH.

A jury decides

The contest proposals will be judged by a jury consisting of members from SKH, Atrium Ljungberg and the City of Stockholm as well as two members appointed by Architects Sweden. The jury's decision will be announced in February 2022.

Procurement documents

The procurement documents can be found in the procurement tool TendSign (requires account)

SKH also procures technical consultants for the project. The documents for these procurements are also available at the link above.