Photo from Atrium Ljungberg

SKH is planning for a new building in Slakthusområdet


Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) plans to co-locate to a new building in Slakthusområdet in Stockholm. This is the meaning of the collaboration agreement that the university has signed with property company Atrium Ljungberg.

At a board meeting on March 9, SKH's board decided to to commission the vice chancellor to sign the agreement. The collaboration agreement is conditional on a decision on land allocation and the start of planning for the detailed development plan, which the City of Stockholm is expected to make in the spring.
- I am extremely happy that we have come this far. The agreement means that we have passed an important milestone in our ambition to gather all our students and employees in a common building that is designed for us, says Paula Crabtree, vice-chancellor att SKH.

SKH's Chairman of the Board Sture Carlsson sees great potential in the location of Slakthusområdet.
- We are building an artistic university that will be a cultural building where we create stimulating environments for education and research. At the same time, it will be a meeting place for all who are interested in culture, other cultural practitioners, students, researchers, prospective students and the general public.

Contributes with creativity
SKH educates and researches in dance, dance pedagogy, circus, opera, acting, performing arts, film and media at six different addresses in Stockholm. The agreement with the property company Atrium Ljungberg means that SKH now will start planning for a building that will house the entire university.
- We are happy that we get the opportunity to develop the project together with Atrium Ljungberg, who in many ways has shown that they protect the culture in society. This gives us a fantastic opportunity to contribute all our knowledge and creativity to the dynamic and exciting development that is taking place in Slakthusområdet right now, says Paula Crabtree.

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Image from SKH. PhD candidate Marie-Andrée Robitaille.
Photo: Einar Kling Odencrants

Unique and creative district
Slakthusområdet is today one of Stockholm's largest urban development projects. The property company Atrium Ljungberg is a major player in the area and, together with the City of Stockholm, has a stated ambition to make Slakthusområdet a unique and creative district in Stockholm where culture can play a major role.
- We are really looking forward to the collaboration with Stockholm University of the Arts. An establishment of SKH in Slakthusområdet is completely in line with the vision for the area - to become Stockholm's new meeting place for food, culture and experiences. With a mix of education, workplaces, housing and culture, we create an attractive district and the best conditions for collaboration between academia, business, housing and visitors, says Annica Ånäs, CEO of Atrium Ljungberg.

In line with strategy
Slakthusområdet has been SKH's main alternative in the search for a suitable area for the new building, as the area also provides good conditions for the university's strive for accessibility and openness.
- A co-location to Slakthusområdet is completely in line with the strategy we have outlined for SKH's future from the beginning. Slakthusområdet will be a place with good communications, which makes it easy for many to get there. SKH also has plenty of public events and here we will have great opportunities to reach out with these to broad groups, says Johan Scott, vice rector at SKH.
He believes that Slakthusområdet generally offers strong synergy effects with the surrounding community.
- A common building gives us the opportunity to take advantage of the great potential and power that exists in collaborations between our different art forms and our educations and research. We will be a much clearer voice and a stronger player in cultural life.

Architect competition
Who will be commissioned to design SKH's future building will be decided in an architectural competition that will be announced in the spring.

The goal is for the new building to be ready in 2028 before the start of education in January 2029.