SKH at CirkusMania


The Department of Cirkus represents SKH at Stockholm's new circus festival CirkusMania 7-16 February, with four exciting events with students, teacher and alumni.

Anatomy of Power

SKH Circus Hall 8–9 February

With John Simon Pineault by Emile Wiborn. More info and tickets Fully booked at the moment.

Juggling is!

Reimersholme hotel 11 February

Circus students in juggling from SKH. Free admission. More info (in Swedish)

The MixRace MixTapes

Södra Teaterns Stora Scen 12 February- 

With John-Paul Zaccarini, More info and tickets

Circling the Matter

SKH Circus hall 15–16 February

With master students in Contemporary Circus Practises. More info and tickets (in Swedish):


The whole CirkusMania program in English