A man dancing in a circle

SAR’s 2022 prize for best exposition was awarded to Andreas Berchtold!


Andreas Berchtold, PhD student and senior lecturer in dance, wins the prize for best published exposition 2022. The exposition was published by VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research on 18 November 2022. The “SAR’s 2022 Annual Prize for Best Research Catalogue Exposition” is awarded by the Society of Artistic Research (SAR) once a year.

– I had two fantastic days in Trondheim, attended one day of the conference and was involved in receiving the prize for my RC exposition. During the ceremony I spontaneously showed my exposition to all the conference participants, and in the final conversations there were references to thinking/researching in circles as an alternative to linear structures of knowledge, so much fun! The prize means a lot to me and it is so rewarding to see this international context of artistic research in so many different fields, says Andreas.

The exposition In circles leading on – folk dance, a choreographic intersection departs from a study, building on the relation between one’s own embodied cultural constitution and someone’s comprehension of the practice. The chosen genre is folk dance in contemporary contexts, and in the exposition, the reader can interactively click through a circle to experience and understand different parts. What does the gaze mean? What does it mean to hold another dancer? How does music work as a space? are some of the perspectives that are explored, performed and discussed. Andreas is Assistant Professor at SKH and PhD student in choreography. His subject area is Performative and media-based practices.

The jury's statement:

The jury highly appreciates the quality and compactness of the exposition “In circles leading on”, by Andreas Berchtold, that meaningfully targets a diverse audience using interesting graphic design, especially the unconventional layout. Exposition is playful, invites the reader to play, corresponds to the nature of the project and confirms that the process or consideration of future communication was an integral part of the research. Berchtold’s exposition presents an inner point of view in close dialogue with the exhibition layout. The individual components and tools used in the research catalogue enable the exhibition to amplify the content of the message towards differently motivated readers or viewers. The screen becomes the stage.

Andreas Berchtold receives prize for best exposition, Trondheim 21 April 2023.

The exposition can be found on VIS website.

SAR awards a prize every year for best exposition. Anyone who has published an exposition can apply. In order to be nominated, the exposition must have been published the year before the prize is awarded and it needs to be in English. This year’s prize was awarded during the 14th SAR Conference on Artistic Research in Trondheim on 21 April 2023. Members of the jury: Paulo Luís Almeida, Jacek Smolicki and Blanka Chládková.
The exposition was published in VIS issue 8 with the theme "Of Rules and Alternatives". The issue editors were Serge von Arx and Eliot Moleba. This is the third time in a row that an exposition in VIS wins the SAR Best Exposition Award.