Research Week 2022 Shows Off a Cross-section of SKH’s Most Exciting Research


Research week at Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) is back on 18–21 January 2022. During Research Week researchers at SKH show off a broad selection of artistic research projects. Both ones that are almost finalised – and new embryos of projects in unexpected constellations, that are being tested in front of an audience for the first time.

Research Week provides a unique opportunity for researchers, students and the interested general public to observe how new knowledge is produced at SKH, and to partake in projects that otherwise are taking place in the different departments, explains Cecilia Roos, Vice-Rector of Research at SKH. She sees this type of public event as a key part of the University’s mission.

“The audience will partake in the new knowledge and new insights emanating from our fields of art, and that alone is very exciting,” Cecilia Roos says. “Research Week is always during the first week of the spring term, before people have started to take on so many other things, and it usually is well attended. Last year, we had a record audience of 1500 visitors over four days. It’s a compact program and spread out at different departments, so everyone gets to see how our different researchers work.”

One exciting aspect of Research Week is how it creates opportunities for researchers at SKH to get in contact with each other – and in many cases initiate collaborations that would otherwise not have been possible.

“For us at the Research Centre, Research Week acts as an important opportunity to connect researchers and see how their different areas can match and enrich each other,” says Cecilia Roos. “Research Week also serves as an important incentive for those who start cluster projects. There are researchers who connect specifically with the aim of presenting during research week. It’s especially exciting in 2022 that we’re seeing so many cluster projects, many of which are being shown off for the first time, where many researchers and co-researchers from different departments combine their varied practices to find new forms of artistic knowledge.”

Workshop on research ethics closes

During the first three days of Research Week 2022, 18–21 January, a total of 18 research projects will be presented, with 34 researchers and co-researchers participating. Rounding out the conference, Friday 21 January sees a whole day of seminars and workshops tackling one of the most pressing issues of the moment: ethics in art and artistic research.

Just like in 2021, Research Week will be held online this year because of the current state of the world. But unlike last time, the organisers have had more time to prepare and consider what opportunities the new format can provide. Cecilia Roos explains that they’ve had an opportunity to be more flexible this time with how the presentations will be held.

“There are those who really need to present with people present in the room, and they will be given the opportunity to do so, and to for example have practical exercises involving people at the physical location. It’s something we tried out last year, too, but we’ve been able to develop it significantly this year.”