History Now at the Swedish History Museum. Photo: Monica Engdahl

Exciting presentation of VIS ”History Now” in the Baroque Hall


On Wednesday, 4 March, the latest issue of VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research was presented in the Baroque Hall at the Swedish History Museum. There were mingle, speech and performance.

Inger Stray Lien, Chair of the VIS Steering Committee, introduced the evening by discussing VIS's background, purpose and goals – and hopes for future collaborations with further Nordic countries in addition to Sweden and Norway.


Magnus Bärtås, Editor of History Now, gave a short presentation of each project and showed us how the digital journal works. The eight contributions that were presented, have all various ways of recreating and re-read the past. Read the full issue here: VIS # 3 History Now.


Behzad Khosravi Noori, one of the contributing artists in the issue, brought life to his exposition The Life of an Itinerant Through a Pinhole through pictures, examples and performance. His research is based on his grandfather's abandoned archive of photographic material taken in working-class neighbourhoods in Tehran with a pinhole (a precursor to a polaroid camera). He also presented the very camera (also called "the soul cathcer") all photos were taken with and eventually took a picture of many of the participants ready to give away their souls.







At the end of the evening, visitors could take a guided tour of the exhibition History unfolds – a reflection that was open in connection to the History Now-event.

Many thanks to everyone who came and contributed to a successful event! Thanks also to the Swedish History Museum for fine cooperation.

a-IMG_5528VIS_release_nr3_Barockhallen_foto_Heidi_20200304.JPGOlof Halldin, Inger Stray Lien, Geir Strøm, Cecilia Roos, Ellen Røed and Lin-Christin Berentzen. Background photo: Avdelningsdirektör Stig Nyborg Vapenfrinämnden 1987-09-11, photo by Carl Johan Erikson, Refuse to Kill 2019.

a-IMG_7936VIS_release_nr3_Barockhallen_foto_Heidi_20200304.JPGIn the photo: Magnus Bärtås, Johan Scott, Stacey Sacks and Katt Hernandez.

a-IMG_7784VIS_release_nr3_Barockhallen_foto_Heidi_20200304.jpgHistory Now-folder. Image by Marianna Christofides, contributor in History Now with the exposition Days in Between.

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Photos by: Monica Engdahl, Lin-Christin Berentzen, Heidi Paatere Möller