PhD project becomes an art exhibition


Marie Fahlin's exhibition Centauring opens on 13 February at Marabouparken konsthall.
– It will be exciting to show my research through this exhibition, says Marie Fahlin, PhD candidate in choreography at SKH.

This exhibition is a part of her artistic PhD project Moving through Choreography – Curating Choreography as an Artistic Practice. The research project takes the notion of ‘centauring’ as its starting point. It can be understood as a temporary integration of two bodies, practices, objects or fields of knowledge in the creation of a third – to us unknown – creature, phenomenon, situation, becoming or thing; a centaur.
– The PhD project takes its starting point in questions around how curating is operative as an integrated part of choreography. In my artistic research expositions, Centauring, I’m working with dressage as a found choreographic practice where the terminology, movements and objects from the world of dressage are part of choreographic compositions together with human bodies, exhibitors, says Marie Fahlin.

Marie Fahlin selfie PM.jpg
Marie Fahlin

Program with artists
The exhibitions consist of an installation that covers the whole of the exhibition space and among other things includes video documentation of the performance ONE – I leave the skin dead and dry shining light behind me, objects and text works.
– As an integrated part of the exhibition, a program will take place. Artists, choreographers, dancers, experts of dressage, together with other artistic researchers, have been invited to perform, to intervene with the exhibition and engage in conversations on the art of riding as well as the notion of artistic research, in relation to the visual exposition and the field of art, says Marie Fahlin.

Many years of experience
Marie Fahlin works with choreographic transpositions between materials and mediums in her own work and in collaboration with other artists. Within the choreographic field, she has extensive experience from being curator, dancer, choreographer and researcher and has been conducting and collaborating in a number of artistic research projects. Since 2014 she is a PhD-candidate in choreography here at Stockholm University of the Arts. Marie Fahlin's public defence is on 28 April.

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