Our biennial conference Alliances & Commonalities will be held for the third time


Stockholm University of the Arts is pleased to announce that the biennial Alliances and Commonalities is back for a third edition on October 20-22, 2022. We are anticipating that Alliances and Commonalities 2022 will be a live, online and hybrid form experience. The Call for exposition and proposals is open until October 31, 2021.

– The difference this time is of course that the world has changed in a way that we couldn’t foresee. Many of us working within the arts as researchers and artists has faced difficulties because of the pandemic, not being able to practice together, research or meet with an audience. This has affected us, our research and our art forms in many different ways and will continue to do. The Alliances and Commonalities​​​​​​​ conference and its theme is more important than ever, says Cecilia Roos, Vice-Rector for Research and Professor of Artistic Practices at Stockholm University of the Arts.  

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Cecilia Roos

Alliances and Commonalities invite artists and researchers to share ways in which artistic research is reassembling, responding, reconfiguring, and reconstituting in the aftermath of the past two years. How are artists and researchers situating their practices now?

– What transforms? What transmits? What matters? These are questions that we ask ourselves and that we would like to discuss and work on together with people across the globe. The different contexts we are operating within will of course give different answers and offer different ways in how we respond. The experiences we have are so important to share, learn and create new paths from and this will affect the research that we do, says Cecilia Roos.

400 participants from all over the world
There has been an immense interest in Alliances and Commonalities both nationally and internationally on the previously conferences. At the second Alliances and Commonalities conference in 2020, we had 34 presentations and almost 400 people attended, representing all parts of the world.

– We have had not only people from the academia sharing their research we also had many artistic researchers that wasn’t affiliated to an institution. This is a balance that we really want to keep. Even though the online format isn’t as inspiring as the live experience it makes the conference accessible no matter where you are in the world. We really hope to meet with you at Alliances and Commonalities 2022, says Cecilia Roos.

The Call for exposition and proposals is open until October 31, 2021. 
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