Open Call VIS #8


The call for VIS issue 8 is open. The theme is “Of Rules and Alternatives” and editors are Serge von Arx and Eliot Moleba. Deadline is 11 February 2022.

Human existence is based on rules. One of our primary social and cultural activity is to set rules, to organize coexistence and exchange. However, any first step in establishing or following a rule bears as much the momentum of its very rejection. The resulting tension oscillates between rules and their immanent alternatives, producing a liminal space where cracks inevitably occur, and synthesize a fertile ground for the arts. In this issue of VIS, which is organized as a dialogic editorial endeavor, we seek expositions that situate themselves between a claim of breaking with the rules and the establishments of new orders, work which thereby amalgamate or reject the very concept of this dichotomy by operating in its limbo. How does this ambiguity manifest in your work? Why does this liminal space materialise in your work, and what strategies – conceptual or concrete – do you use to navigate it? Do you plan for it, or is it something that emerged through the process? What boundaries is your work pushing or permeating, and vice versa?

Find the whole call text on VIS website: VIS Open Call issue 8

Where to apply?

Submitters need to register a full account in Research Catalogue (RC), create an exposition and submit it to the portal “VIS, Nordic Journal for Artistic Research” latest by 11 Feb 2022. Read about the theme and the submission process on VIS website