Open Call VIS #6

Open Call VIS #6


The call for VIS #6 is open. The theme is Contagion, Editor Anna Lindal. Deadline for submissions is 23 November 2020.

In the wake of the global pandemic the sixth issue of VIS suggests focus on different aspects of contagion as a potent and multi-faceted concept, both literally and metaphorically. There are parallels and differences between the transmission of biological infection and the ways that artistic works and processes are shared, disseminated and spread – just as there are in distribution of knowledge, rumours and myths. In the arts it may manifest itself as inspiration, imitation, iteration, replication, mimetics, references, whispering games and in many more ways. How do we as artists infect each other? How is art and its associated ideas, aesthetics and forms transmitted – between artistic fields and between the arts as a whole and the receiver? Can art have any impact on the growing fear and protectionism between nations and regions? Are the forms within research for references and documentation a way of tracing patterns of artistic contagion? VIS welcomes proposals which address contagion from any of these perspectives – and of course many more.

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