Romain Robert

Graduate Bachelor of Arts in Circus 2020
Circus discipline: Chinese pole

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Being on stage, under the warm light and atmosphere of a circus tent, in front of an audience, is what I like. In my everyday life, I am quite indecisive, but when I am upside down, facing the audience in a flag position connected to my pole, indecision disappears. 

The Chinese pole helps me to express myself. I use the word “He” to talk about him. He has a lot of qualities and strengths, as his verticality. Obviously, a Chinese pole is straight. But he also has unexpected qualities… Therefore, I explored this side of him during my last year at SKH and by using his surprising side of fragility I found a way to break his verticality.


Romain was born in 1999 in France where he spent seven years exploring different disciplines in a youth circus school in Angoulême. While in high school at Ecole Nationale de Cirque de Châtellerault (ENCC), he met a Chinese pole.

He began building a long-term relationship with the Chinese pole, and together, they wanted to push the limits of the discipline. They landed in Stockholm at Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH), where Romain not only developed high technical skills and movement qualities, he invented a new type of pole.

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