Rémi De Carvalho & Mahé Nithardt

Graduate Bachelor of Arts in Circus 2020
Circus discipline: Duo Chinese pole

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Mail maheandremi@gmail.com
Phone +41764046623
Instagram: @remiandmahe

Mahé Nithardt 


I decided to be an artist at the age of three. I started my path in Switzerland where I learned to play the violin, discovered circus and met my work partner Rémi De Carvalho. We travelled to the north of France where we learned Chinese pole and Icarian games, and continued North in our epic journey to perfect our skills and develop our artistic maturity. After three years in at Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH, formerly DOCH), and twenty years of life wanting to be an artist, I am sending myself into my career ready and extremely eager to continue the road in search of sweetness and simplicity. 

Artistic vision 

A wise man once said "circus is the capacity to express transcendent forces". This sentence is very meaningful to me because I'm really interested in the invisible, the beauty of the impossible to define. Living with the circus always by my side I still couldn't explain it ever. Its forms and shapes are always evolving. Changing radically from time to time because my way of perceiving it, of approaching it and of defining it changes each day at the same rate as my personal evolution and sometimes inevitably turned upside down by the changes which occur around me in the world at a larger scale. But which, continues to change my perception, and therefore my circus is changing as well. 

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Rémi De Carvalho


It was in the heights of the Swiss Jura’s mountains in a small school called Lezarti’cirque that I met circus. I discovered the good sides of this life, community, sharing, acceptance, failure and persistence to lead to success, confidence. This apprenticeship saved me from mundane life, and I decided to make it my future.

With my partner, we auditioned to enter a school and it is without regret that I went through two different programs: first the circus school in Lomme (France), then Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH; formerly DOCH). It's crazy how the more you grow the less life is rosy, you realize that what you do often comes down to being for yourself, to be better, to make a living, to learn how to sell yourself. In short, the more time passes, the more you are told to be an adult. Now that I'm an adult and can make my own choices, I want to go back to the source. 

Artistic vision

I have the great ambition to do simple things, the faith that a look can turn a life upside down, that minimalism tells a lot. The work Mahé and I have developed is a balance between our bodies, our relationship and the public. In this time-consuming learning, we have built a healthy and lasting human relationship so that in space we can develop a common artistic language. We think we can touch people's vulnerability and make them sensitive to what we want to share. I would like, I hope, that life will let us share and progress on this road with other artists and multiple audiences, but we also know how to impress and entertain with our Chinese pole! 

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Closing Acts

Closing Acts is happening on YouTube 17 June. Welcome to celebrate with us!

The event Closing Acts 2020