Elaine Briant

Graduate Bachelor of Arts in Circus 2020
Circus discipline: Hand balance

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In circus, I balance on my hands. I explore this hand-balance using movement. A handstand is often defined by the absence of movement: pure balance has as little movement as possible. Here we are facing a paradox. 
My exploration is surrounded by this paradox: what happens when handstands dance? Does dance balance, does it stand still? Where do stillness and movement meet in the balance on my hands ? Is the audience affected by my stillness, and my movement ? 
I advocate a circus that is contemporary, humble, aesthetic, innovative and alive. 

Closing Acts

Closing Acts is happening on YouTube 17 June. Welcome to celebrate with us!

The event Closing Acts 2020

Teaser trailer: works in progress

Elaine Briant


Elaine specialized in solo and partner hand balance, but has always been interested in many different things since her childhood in Brussels. This curiosity has brought her through gymnastics, classical ballet, contemporary dance, piano, and many other activities.

At 18, she had to choose between studying civil engineering or dance. Yet even after diving into the dance world, she felt something was missing, and that she didn’t belong fully to this world. Then at 19, she discovered circus, and instantly knew it was the right place for her. In circus, she could express herself through all her previous dance, gymnastics and musical interests.

After attending two renowned circus programs in France, the CRAC of Lomme and then at the Académie Fratellini, she completed her circus education in the Swedish landscape of the Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH, formerly DOCH). 

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Elaine Briant and Antonio Tony Panaro 


This act is about a duo of hand balancers, a girl and a boy that design their hand-balancing world around their movement. Using high-level handstand technique, they create some unique three- dimensional living handstand sculptures. 

With different flexibilities, strengths, movement and personalities, these two artists find themselves and each other in the very narrow space offered by their small space. Even as they each evolve separately, their paths intertwine in a delicate meeting where there is almost no contact. Elaine and Tony explore the space they share. 

Like two “engrenages” (gears) crossing each other teeth, they have to know that all their actions, movements and positions will affect the ones of the other person. 

Handstand has been usually a solo speciality. This act, by its duo structure, wants to bring to the discipline some more layers like risk, trust and precision. It’s the opportunity to give to hand balancing a completely different profile. 

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