Benjamin Beaujard

Graduate Bachelor of Arts in Circus 2020
Circus discipline: Juggling

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There were moments where being myself on stage was the best thing possible, as if I was where I'm supposed to be.

It happened when I was six years old, it was my first stage experience. My partner forgot her lines and took a while to catch up. Supporting myself with a grandfather's cane, I started to fill up the space, taking this slip as an opportunity. In front of a hundred adults, me, a young boy of six years old, was playing a grandfather of 90 years old.

Without knowing what to do, I still did the best thing possible at that moment, and that scene was great after all! 

When I'm wondering why do I do what I do nowadays, I think back to those moments. They are not explaining everything, but enough. 

Closing Acts

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The event Closing Acts 2020

Teaser trailer: works in progress


Born in France in 1997, Benjamin began exploring circus at the age of seven at Cirqu'onflexe, the local youth circus school in Amiens. During those 11 years, he discovered that despite being an introverted child, juggling allowed him to express himself differently and to have more self-confidence.

He continued on to preparatory education at the CRAC of Lomme in 2015 and at the Fratellini Academy in 2016, where he discovered and explored several forms of juggling techniques, and began to refine his artistic goals. He graduates from the Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) Bachelor programme in Circus in 2020, a programme known for developing innovative expressions in juggling, and where Benjamin developed works that marry technical and artistic expression.

Alongside his personal projects, Benjamin continues to pursue opportunities for collaborating with other artists and companies to learn to express himself in different contexts, which will allow him to grow as a circus artist.

"Benjamin has excellent abilities for analysis, reflection, and he is highly creative. He is precise and methodical and is well-disposed to challenge himself and test new methods. In addition of being an outstanding juggler, he is agile in acrobatics, he has an instinctive sense for movement and musicality." Marie-Andrée Robitaille, Head of the Bachelor Programme in Circus at SKH (2009-2018)


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