Antonio Panaro

Graduate Bachelor of Arts in Circus 2020
Circus discipline: Hand balance

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Getting into contemporary circus was for me the discovery of an art form that tries to use amazing and spectacular abilities of bodies in order to communicate something more than just a trick: a message, an emotion, a story, a feeling... If this works, it is possible not just to entertain and catch the eyes of the audience, but also its mind, sometimes its heart and makes people fully engaged in what they are watching.

For me, this is the magic that good circus can create and it doesn’t need to be complex, intellectual or too reflective. I believe the best circus is the one that grows up from the simplicity, the one that is direct and doesn’t necessarily pass through the brain, but more like a gut feeling, straight to the belly of the audience.  

I am a hand balancer, my circus is handstands. I love and hate handstands in all their aspects. The more I hate them, the more I love them…and vice versa. They are part of my daily physical practice and I also want them to become more and more part of my vocabulary, in order to communicate by them, to catch the heart of the audience and create in this way good circus.

This is my dream.  

Closing Acts

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The event Closing Acts 2020

Teaser trailer: works in progress

I am Antonio Panaro from Italy... on paper. In my family: Toio. Anto in my gymnastics club, where at the age of eight I started to use my body in a certain acrobatic way. I was a pole vaulter and my athletics team called me Antoine. Only at the conservatory, while learning solfège and playing the trumpet, was I called by my full given name. Then high school began and with it, a new name arrived into my life…  

From the beginning of my time at the youth circus school called “Fuma Che ‘Nduma,” during the two years in Torino’s “FLIC Scuola di Circo” and through my graduate work at Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH), this final name has become permanent, taking over my real one

Hello, my name is…Tony


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Elaine Briant and Antonio Tony Panaro 


This act is about a duo of hand balancers, a girl and a boy that design their hand-balancing world around their movement. Using high-level handstand technique, they create some unique three- dimensional living handstand sculptures. 

With different flexibilities, strengths, movement and personalities, these two artists find themselves and each other in the very narrow space offered by their small space. Even as they each evolve separately, their paths intertwine in a delicate meeting where there is almost no contact. Elaine and Tony explore the space they share. 

Like two “engrenages” (gears) crossing each other teeth, they have to know that all their actions, movements and positions will affect the ones of the other person. 

Handstand has been usually a solo speciality. This act, by its duo structure, wants to bring to the discipline some more layers like risk, trust and precision. It’s the opportunity to give to hand balancing a completely different profile. 

Instagram @bulldogsduo