Angélique Cabanes & Katherina Dzialas

Graduate Bachelor of Arts in Circus 2020
Circus discipline: Trapeze

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Angélique Cabanes


Angélique was born surrounded by arts and culture in the beautiful small city of Montluçon, France. Even as a small child, she was dancing, singing and climbing around everywhere. 

As a teenager, she already wanted to become a circus artist. She dreamed of beautiful wooden caravans, red and ecru-colored tents, and warm atmosphere. In the middle of this atmosphere are artists and its audience, where together they will take place for a journey that will stay in everyone's memories.

Her artistic development is inseparable from her work with Katherina Dzialas, her artistic partner, her duo trapeze and Icarian Games catcher, and her friend.

Angélique is dynamic; she likes to fly, push her own circus limits. Through daring to put her trust in her partner’s hands, their four hands create, feel, grip and carry each other to connect together in eye level and explore all the facets of creation with our body language to at the end leave place to engage with our audience.

Artistic vision

Katherina and I began collaborating with each other and our duo trapeze as students at SKH (formerly DOCH) in Stockholm, which led to new methodologies to explore our relationship inside and outside of our trapeze. The knowledge I acquired through my research with Katherina contributes to evolving our trapeze skills and opens up new possibilities for interaction within a collective. Although we didn't speak the same creative language when we first met, although our characters and bodies are different, we stay connected in the same trapeze. 

We share the passion to explore and create artistically around movement on the floor with, around and even without the trapeze, which frees us from the inherited limitations of our discipline. 

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Katherina Dzialas


Katherina is originally from Berlin, Germany, where she first encountered duo trapeze in a youth circus at the age of nine.  After every circus show, where she was especially captivated by aerial acrobats, she was full of energy and would climb on trees, roofs or anything she could find.  

Over the course of her years doing circus she trained several aerial disciplines, including silks, straps and rope, but she found her way back to duo trapeze after meeting her flyer Angélique Cabanes in the Netherlands. 

Katherina aims to connect with the audience by bringing them into her relationship with her flyer, inviting them to experience her love of catching and being trusted, in both duo trapeze and Icarian games. During previous performance experiences, she has enjoyed collaborating with artists from different art forms and disciplines and to share their creative practices.  

Artistic vision 

The focus to create with her partner Angélique, lies within the connection they share. Their universe consists of two bodies, a trapeze and unlimited possibilities to move and explore. Vulnerability, daring and trust are constantly present and enables powerful and dynamic movements to happen. Together they enjoy moving in, around and without their trapeze, which can be in different configurations and rigged in various heights. During previous performance experiences, they have enjoyed collaborating with artists from different art forms and to share their creative practice. 

In the future, they wish to continue their journey to meet, create and perform with other artists for many different audiences.

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