Aki Haikonen

Graduate Bachelor of Arts in Circus 2020
Circus discipline: Juggling

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My name is Aki Haikonen and I come from a small town called Ähtäri located in the forests of Finland. At the age of nine, I started juggling as a hobby along with my friends and I kept training although the others lost their interest. After several years of watching juggling videos on Youtube and practising on my own, I attended my first juggling festival where I met people who were studying circus at a university in Sweden. That was when I knew what I would do after finishing high school.

Juggling involves several aspects of visual arts and it’s strong enough to stand on its own in terms of expression. Besides, I love the great freedom inherent in the discipline: I can create fresh material without fear of injury. On the other hand, juggling is still physical enough to provide me with a necessary contrast to my studies of 6 different languages.

After 14 years of juggling, I’m still inspired by the fact that juggling looks cool! Every time I see someone doing a new trick I freak out. Creating fresh material is addictive and different possibilities are infinite. In the future, I would love to perform my act somewhere in Europe while improving my languages!

Closing Acts

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The event Closing Acts 2020

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