Information about the coronavirus 


Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, the University's leadership has a team, lead by the Vice-Chancellor, that decides on urgent issues and plans for different scenarios and measures in the short and long term. SKH respects the recommendation of the Government and the Public Health Agency.

This page was first published on 12 March 2020. Latest Update 16 September 2021


SKH's Guidelines

SKH closely follows the recommendations of the Government and the Public Health Agency. If these recommendations are changed before or during the Autumn term, the guidelines will be updated accordingly.

EVERYONE - managers, employees and students - should be prepared for this. We must act together should there be changes to the guidelines to resolve any situations that arise.

In the document Riktlinjer Guidelines Corona HT 2021 you can read more about the measures taken at SKH to prevent the spread of infection.

Basic principles

  • The teaching, research or other related activities that can take place digitally should be held digitally after consulation between the Head of Department/Line manager and the responsible teacher/employee.
  • Education, research or other activity that are conducted on site must be carried out with regard to infection prevention measures.
  • EVERYONE - employees and students - are personally responsible so that the spread of Covid-19 is reduced.
  • EVERYONE - employees and students - must stay updated through SKH's intranet.
  • The Public Health Agency´s recommendation to work from home if possible applies until 30 September.


At SKH, we care about the safety of our students and employees and therefore we want to encourage everyone who works or studies at SKH to get vaccinated against covid-19 - for the safety of all!

About vaccination in Stockholm (link to


As a basis, SKH's buildings are only open to SKH's students and personnel.

Students and personnel enter the buildings using their tag.

As a basis, none of SKH´s premises are rented out during the Autumn term.


The library is open for students and personnel at SKH and staffed according to ordinary opening hours. A limited number of people are welcome at the same time.

For students and personnel at SKH

Students and personnel shall keep themselves updated regularly on the intranet. There you find more detailed information about how SKH acts during the ongoing pandemic and updated guidelines. The information is updated regularly.

Important information for incoming students

Entering Sweden

Keep up to date on the Swedish Police´s website and on the Public Health Agency´s website

Information about visiting Sweden during the pandemic: