Cirkusstudenter på Cirkusfestival. Foto: Sofia Kallner

Prestigious circus awards


Congratulation to “Scandinavian Boards” for their participation and success at the 40th Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris!

This is a huge success for our former students. The circus act with our alumni received the following awards:
- Grand Prize Festival Award
- Cirque du Soleil Trophy for Innovative artistic vision and Performance
- Audience Choice Award
- The President of the French Republic Award


This circus act, performed by Elias Larsson, Nilas Kronlid, Oscar Karlsson, Anton Graaf, Lukas Ivanow, Aaron Hakala and Jarno Polhuijs was created collaboratively by the seven performers and four other graduates Einar Kling Odencrants, Philomène Perrenoud, Felix Greif, Andreas De Ryck as well as their former coach at DOCH, Jan Rosén, who had this project as part of his artistic research.

These alumni, now professional circus artists in their own right, are all graduates of the Bachelor programme in Circus at DOCH, School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, Sweden. They are from Class of 2008 to Class of 2018, and were all trained by Jan Rosén at DOCH.

It is a beautiful thing when all these persons can gather to venture in a collaborative creation and we at the Department of Circus are extremely proud that this can and does happen, that it results in such a unique piece of work and that it is worthy of such prestigious awards.


The music that the collective chose to present the piece to was My Souls in Pain by R-TrX.

The project was supported and sponsored by the following people and we are grateful to them:
The Department of Circus at DOCH/Uniarts, Trolle Rhodin/Brazil Jack, Cirkus Cirkör, Marie Andrée Robitaille, Alimac, @vfit, Maxim Komaro, JBS Dekor AB and of course the Festival Mondial de Demain

For more information, please contact Walter Ferrero, Head of Department of Circus at DOCH/Uniarts:

See the act here, about 47 minutes into the film clip:

Photos: Sofia Kallner