Performing Arts student makes cultural diplomatic exam project at the Swedish Embassy in Washington, D.C


After an extensive application process including security interviews, performing arts student Stefan Hansen managed to get an internship at the Press-, Information- and Culture Unit at the Swedish Embassy in the United States. From January to June, he immerses in cultural diplomacy focusing on performing arts.

Stefan Hansen is a bachelor’s student in Production Management for the Performing Arts at SADA / Stockholm University of the Arts, and during spring 2017 he will work in cultural diplomacy projects to promote Swedish culture and performing arts. He will do his exam project on the Press-, Information- and Culture Unit at the Swedish Embassy in Washington, D.C. with Cultural Counselor Linda Zachrison.

To operate in complex cultural structures with partners from different countries is pushing me in the process of developing good ideas. Creativity benefits from an open society where culture is a cornerstone for a pluralist democracy. I feel more motivated than ever, says Stefan.

Despite the turmoil in culture and performing arts in the United States due to new political administration, Stefan sees tendencies of optimism and fighting spirit in the American culture industry.

After his exam Stefan hopes to have achieved tools, methods and opportunities to develop his role as an international performing arts producer. In addition to working as a performing arts producer in institutions, he is aiming at the diplomatic program or other types of assignments within the public cultural diplomacy.

About Stefan Hansen

My name is Stefan Hansen, I am 28 years old and has worked as a producer for nearly ten years. Malmo is my home town, but I have also lived in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Paris, studying and working in the theater and culture industry as project manager and producer.

As project manager and producer I have been reponsible for several artistic exchange projects and productions in Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, India, France and Serbia as well as an EU project between Sweden, Poland, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. The projects have focused particularly on the inclusion of people with functional variations and issues concerning gender, HBTQIA and diversity.

I also tour planned performing arts performances in Austria, Cuba, Hong Kong, Cameroon, Denmark, Norway, Finland and the United States.

In Sweden, I have worked at Teater Sagohuset (The House of Storytelling), Theater Theatron, Spegelteatern, Malmö City Theatre, Malmö Opera, Göteborgsoperan and Drömmarnas Hus (The House of Dreams).


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Stefan about the bachelor’s program in Performing Arts Production at SADA

It is a privilege to work in small groups of four students together with experienced professional lecturers and the Swedish theater industry has been very open to us. We have been invited behind the scenes to take advantage of as much performing arts as possible over the three years. I have experienced a genuine and mutual curiosity from the industry concerning us, the students.

Link to The bachelor’s programme in Production Management for the Performing Arts at SADA:

Stefans bachelor’s degree exam project in Performing Arts Production will be exposed in Scenex17 on SADA in May.