Circus graduates to Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain


Two of DOCH's 2016 graduates and two artists who graduated from DOCH 2014 and 2010 have been selected to participate in the 38th Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, the prestigious festival which takes place in Paris at the Cirque Phenix 26 to 29 January 2017.

The jugglers Onni Toivonen and Guillaume Karpowicz will perform solo acts in Clubs and Diablo. Andreas Lindström and Nilas Kronlid will perform of a duo act in Chinese Pole. At last year's festival DOCH graduates Einar Kling-Odencrants and Anton Graaf won the gold medal. The Bachelor Programme in Circus at DOCH is considered one of the top educations in the circus world.

This is how Onni Toivonen and Guillaume Karpowicz write about themselves in the programme of Closing Acts, the graduation show performed in May, 2016

I am Onni Toivonen, I have lived for 22 years, 17 of which doing circus, 9 of which doing juggling, 6 of which specializing in clubs. My dream of becoming a professional circus artist has brought me from cold dark Finland, all the way to cold dark Sweden where  I study at DOCH. I keep pushing my body and mind to create world class original circus technique, delivered in a playful and dynamic way.
Onni Toivonen

Originally from France, I have been practicing diabolo for twelve years. A traditional circus came into my elementary school and I took my first steps by touring with the circus family. Then I realized that circus could be shown in theatres, which was more about the art than the entertainment, this opened a new perspective for me. I started to think of diabolo as an art form five years ago when I began the circus school in Bordeaux, France and later on at DOCH. I am seduced by monochrome, by expertise and by control. Ladies and gentlemen, my act is a “hommage” to the progressive and minimalism!
Guillaume Karpowicz