Francis Ford Coppola, legendary film director.

Coppola visited our students for a talk


A memorable meeting between Francis Ford Coppola and our film students took place today in SADA's cinema.

A great event for all film lovers is that a legend has come to Stockholm, Francis Ford Coppola, and this is actually his first visit to Sweden. He is honored for his achievements in the film business by receiving the Stockholm International Film Festival's Honorary Award Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award. He had his breakthrough in the 1970´s, is multiple Academy Award-awarded and is known for, among other things Godfather trilogy, Apocalypse Now, The Outsiders, Rumble Fish, Peggy Sue Got Married - the list goes on.

Coppola's agenda also included a desire to visit Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts – something we feel enormously grateful for and humbled by. He wanted to meet our film students in the BA- and MA-programmes to talk about filmmaking, film exchange knowledge and provide inspiration. The exclusive meeting took place in our cinema before eighty enthusiastic students.

The planned hour was an almost two-hour long conversation – a very personal such where he talked about his experiences, gave a lot of tips and answered students' questions. A valued part was when he started a number of improvisational exercises with some of the students to show how he used to work with actors before coming to a set.

Coppola had time to discuss most aspects of a film's ingredients; of writing, light and sound, the music, the casting, documentaries and live cinema in general and about the work with actors in particular. He pressed repeatedly on the amazing fact that we have both film and acting students at the same school, according to him something invaluable.

We are so proud and happy that he wanted to visit our school - thank you Francis Ford Coppola!