Pauliina Mutka

Graduate Bachelor of Arts in Circus 2020
Circus discipline: Unicycle

webb closing acts Pauliina Mutka action photo VT2020.jpg

Early mornings, late nights; a few sleepless nights. I have spent thousands of hours next to a unicycle. I practice curiosity, and unicycle continues to be my muse. Objects have a lot to say to us about nature, especially about motion. Every day they silently shape our behavior, our bodies. You can try to imagine how the world would look like if we didn’t discover a wheel.

When I look around me, there is no such thing as a still object. Within every object, I experience unique movement that asks to be revealed. I discover my treasures by observing situations I get myself into, creating grounds for future exploration. In a performance, I share what I find inspiring and relatable.


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Coming soon! Closing Act Graduation Video

Graduation acts will be shared in June 2020.

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