Portrait of Kristine Slettevold

Kristine Slettevold appointed new Artistic Director of Cullberg


Kristine Slettevold, Assistant Professor of Dance and Head of the Department of Dance at Stockholm University of the Arts, has been appointed as the new Artistic Director of Cullberg Dance Company.

Cullberg is a national and international dance company based in Botkyrka outside Stockholm. Since the company was founded by Birgit Cullberg in 1967, it has been part of Riksteatern.

Kristine - you have worked as an Assistant Professor at DOCH and then at SKH since 2010 and since 2020 also as Head of the Department of Dance. What experiences and knowledge will you bring from SKH to your new job?

- Everything I have learned through my work as a programme director for the Bachelor of Dance programme for ten years. To be constantly up to date with currents in the field, curious about what artistic practice can be and how artistic education can have a significant role in contributing to the development of the art field. During the two years as a Head of Department, I have learned an enormous amount in relation to responsibility and leadership. And not least, I take with me everything I have learned from my fantastic colleagues in the Department of Dance and the rest of the SKH.

Paula Crabtree, Vice-Chancellor of Stockholm University of the Arts, congratulates Kristine on her new position.

- Kristine has been a much appreciated colleague and speaking partner, both as a programme director and as the Head of the Department of Dance and member of SKH’s leadership for the past two years. Kristine's successful appointment as artistic director of the Cullberg Dance Company also shows that SKH is a university that enables individual development, whether you are a student, doctoral candidate or member of staff. I would like to congratulate Kristine on her exciting new position.

Kristine Slettevold takes up her new position at Cullberg after the summer.

Photo: Jens Sethzman