Information about the coronavirus 


As a result of the ongoing corona infection, the university's leadership has activated a team that decides on urgent issues and plans for different scenarios and measures in the short and long term. SKH respects the recommendation of the Government and the Public Health Agency.

This page was first published on 12 March. Latest Update 31 July.

SKH's measures are based on two purposes:

  1. To help reduce the spread of infection as much as possible.
  2. To ensure that our students can complete their education and receive their higher education credits.

Distance learning

The requirement for distance learning was relieved on 15 June

On 15 June, the requirement for distance learning was eased and colleges and universities can start on-site teaching from that date.

Open but not normal

However, all general regulations and advice still apply, such as the ability to keep distances in the premises and gathering of a maximum of 50 people. Schedules, premises, entrances etc. must be adapted based on the conditions.

SKH's will be open for on-site teaching for the teaching and research that need to be carried out on the premises from the start of the Autumn term on 31 August.

We also identify the moments that can continue to be given by distance learning during the period when the current regulations are in place. As an educational institution and individuals, we have great responsibility for preventing the continued spread of covid-19.

Intensive planning for the Autumn term

SKH is now working intensively on planning, scheduling and bookings for the autumn term and more information will be given continuously. It is therefore extremely important that you as a student keep yourself updated by regularly reading your uniarts-mail and the intranet during the summer.

Distance work

Guidelines for the Autumn term: Personnel who have the opportunity to work from home may be able to work from home after discussion with their line manager.

Public events at SKH

Guidelines for the Autumn term: If a public event is included as part of the curriculum, a risk assessment must be made by the Head of Department and processed in the leadership group.

Work- and study-related trips

For trips outside Sweden SKH follows the recommendations from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. For current information visit the Ministry’s webpage

For trips within Sweden SKH follows the Government’s guidelines. From 13 June, symptom-free people will travel within Sweden.


Autumn term: The library is open and staffed according to ordinary opening hours. A maximum number of visitors are welcome at the same time (see sign at the respective library).

For students and staff at SKH

Students and staff shall keep themselves updated on a daily bases about the virus and how SKH handles the situation and links to the relevant authorities on the intranet.