Information about the coronavirus 


As a result of the ongoing corona infection, the university's leadership has activated a team that decides on urgent issues and plans for different scenarios and measures in the short and long term. SKH respects the recommendation of the Government and the Public Health Agency.

This page was first published on 12 March. Latest Update 26 May.

SKH's measures are based on two purposes:

  1. To help reduce the spread of infection as much as possible.
  2. To ensure that our students can complete their education and receive their higher education credits.

Distance learning

As of March 18, SKH has been conducting distance learning in accordance with directives and recommendations from the Government and the Public Health Agency. All premises of SKH are closed for students.

SKH's decision on distance learning now applies until 31 July, when a new decision is made. 

The decision may be reconsidered during the period, depending on possible new directives from the Government and the Public Health Agency.

Individual exceptions to distance learning can be decided by SKH based on the Public Health Agency's exemption from recommendation on distance learning and after a risk analysis.

As a first step, exemptions from distance learning are prioritised for the programme students who take their degree this summer. Risk analyses have been carried out for those moments that cannot be carried out by distance learning.

SKH is responsible for the work and study environment of all employees and students. The corona virus is spread in society with the Stockholm area being extra exposed. Each exception must therefore be carefully weighed against the risk of continued spread of infection.

The graduating students who gain access to certain premises receive information on how and when they can access the premises. It will be done under special conditions to avoid the spread of infection.

Distance work

All employees who can work from home should do that until 31 July, provided that the tasks can be carried out from home and are approved by Head of Department or Line Manager.

Teachers who do not have the prerequisites for conducting distance education from home can work from SKH's premises to gain access to both the technology and the technical support required.

Public events at SKH

SKH has made the decision to cancel all events (that can not be performed online) until 31 July. 

Admissions to courses and programmes

Due to the Government deciding on universities conducting their activities on distance and given the prevailing travel restrictions, the admission tests to the University’s programmes have not been able to take place at SKH as planned. After a dialogue within the university sector and approval from concerned authorities and associations such as The Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions and the Swedish Council for Higher Education, SKH has reviewed the forms of the admission tests and have adjusted them in order to be done digitally.  It is mainly the format that has been adjusted so that they can be done digitally, but in some cases the contents have to some extent changed as well. The applicants have been informed regularly about the changes in the admission process for each programme.

Work- and study-related trips

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs advises against all unnecessary trips to all countries until 15 July. The Public Health Agency advises against all unnecessary trips within Sweden. SKH follows the guidelines of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Public Health Agency.

All work- and study-related trips, outside Sweden, are therefore canceled until 15 July.
All work- and study-related trips, within Sweden, are canceled until 31 July.


The library is reached by email, text message, phone. You will find contact information here.

Questions can be answered via these channels as usual. Books can be sent by post.

For students and staff at SKH

Students and staff shall keep themselves updated on a daily bases about the virus and how SKH handles the situation and links to the relevant authorities on the intranet.