Portrait of Eli Bø

Eli Bø appointed Dean and new leader of The Norwegian Film School


Eli Bø, Professor of Production Design and Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Stockholm University of the Arts, has been appointed by the Board of the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences as Dean and new leader of The Norwegian Film School.

The Norwegian Film School offers education in film and related audiovisual art forms in the form of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and at the doctoral level through artistic development work. The school was established in 1997 and has campuses in Lillehammer and Oslo. It is currently a faculty of the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.

Eli - you have been working as a Professor at SKH since September 2016 and since June 2020 also as Pro-Vice-Chancellor. What experiences and knowledge will you bring from SKH to your new position?

– The five years at SKH have been among the most instructive of my higher education career! I will take with me all the inspiring meetings and conversations with ambitious students and committed, knowledgeable and very interesting colleagues. SKH is an incredibly exciting University that is at the cutting edge in many areas.

Perhaps it is the encounter with SKH’s artistic research environment that has made the strongest impression and has given me lots of new knowledge that I would like to share. But it has also been a great privilege to be part of the development process of the organisation and to participate in the work towards a new purpose-built building. I look forward to staying in touch and will continue to follow future developments with great interest.

Paula Crabtree, Vice-Chancellor of Stockholm University of the Arts congratulates Eli on her new position.

– Eli has been a much appreciated colleague, both as a Professor, and for the past year also as my De­puty and Pro-Vice-Chancellor, when she has also been part of the leadership of SKH. With great enthusiasm and ambition, she has been a driving force in the development of SKH and a very valu­able force in the leadership work.

Eli’s successful appointment at The Norwegian Film School reminds us that SKH is also an institution that enables individual development, whether you are a student, doctoral candidate or staff member. I would like to congratulate Eli on her exciting new position.


Eli Bø is expected to take up her new position at The Norwegian Film School in February 2022.

Photo: Amit Lennon